List of events, 2017

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Here you'll find an incomplete list of important events in our lives for 2017. For other years, see: List of events.


  • 2 Returned to Virginia after the holidays, driving back from Wisconsin in one shot
  • 4 Gideon returned to work
  • 9 Sarah started a new semester of teaching



  • 11 Sarah traveled to Wisconsin to #flipoffcancer
  • 14 Sarah's parents flew back to Virginia with her to visit for a few days
  • 18 The four of us hit the road in our new-to-us 2013 Ford Escape to drive back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving
  • 20 Sarah started work on her new food blog, wahls newb
  • 23 Celebrated Thanksgiving, eating a meal prepared almost entirely by Sarah
  • 25 Drove back to Virginia in one shot, nearly 20 hours of travel (over 15 hours of driving)